Man Sues Woman in First Attraction Discrimination Suit

| October 12, 2013 | 0 Comments

humor_rejection2Steve Colter, 29, of Bufford filed suit Wednesday against a 27-year-old woman who he says discriminated against him due to his looks. The incident occurred at Gigi’s Firecracker Bishna Bar in Toledo, OH, where Colter says he met the woman and she refused to accept his invitation for a dinner date.

“I came up and started talking to her, and she seem distracted and disinterested in me,” Colter said. “Still, I asked her out and when she said no, I asked why. She said I was not, quote, ‘her type.’”

Witnesses at the bar say they saw the woman looking around at other men while Colter was hitting on her and, that she clearly was not attracted to Colter. Even worse, it appeared the woman was not going out of her way to show it.

“I mean, it’s one thing not to treat everyone equally and view them the same,” said Ann Krueger, who was drinking with friends nearby and observed the shunning. “But to not even accept a free dinner just because she didn’t like the way he looked was especially cruel.”

The court date is set for a month from now and it has been reported that the jury will be comprised of both “hot” and “ugly” people, as well as some people that are “average” in terms of looks.

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