Funniest People

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Here are our top rankings for both comedians and the funniest English-speaking famous people on the planet. This list excludes you and your non-famous but hilarious friends. Sorry.

Comedian Rankings (Current/Active)
1. Louis CK
2. Bill Burr
3. Daniel Tosh
4. Amy Schumer (Pictured)
5. Kevin Hart
6. Ricky Gervais
7. Brian Regan
8. Patton Oswald
9. Rick Smiley
10. John Mulaney



Funniest famous people–current
(Does not include top 10 ranked comedians)
Anthony Cumia
Jim Norton
Craig Robinson
Jim Florentine
Chris Rock
John C. Reilly
John Stewart
Ron Bennington
Jimmy Fallon
Bill Murry
Jerry Seinfeld
Zack Gakifinackys
Seth Meyers
David Cross
Jimmy Kimmel
Sarah Silverman
Will Ferrell
Larry David
Kristen Wiig
Bill Hader
Tina Fey
Danny McBride
Seth Rogen
Colin Quinn
Vince Vaughn
Sacha Baron Cohen
Adam Sandler
Jim Gaffigan
Ben Affleck
Kenan Thompson
Andy Samberg
Wanda Sykes
Dave Letterman

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