Apple Launches New Line of High Tech Food

| August 12, 2015

Culverton, CA–In a startling move, the ultra cool tech giant Apple Inc. announced today a new line of high tech food, citing a tech foray into other industries much like Google and driver-less cars.

“Tech has impacted every industry with the one glaring exception of food,” said marketing manager Stevie Bowers. “People are demanding more cutting edging technology in their food, compared to what currently exists, which is nothing. Food should be more intelligent in general so it can adapt to a user’s palate from a taste perspective and to a user’s body from a health perspective.”

Bowers went as far to say that current food is essentially worthless to consumers in all of it’s current forms, with the only real benefit of sustaining life. He added that the food technology in the works can be applied in may ways both currently in development and in ways unseen.

“Sure, we know we want to add buttons to food and a heads up display, but who knows what the future holds,” added Bowers. “Perhaps food can be more about fun and gaming and less about trite, one-dimensional functionality such as providing sustenance and keeping people alive. If food isn’t cool, it probably won’t be around very long in this day and age.”

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